Learn About SEO Pricing and What the Costs Should Be

Sometimes SEO companies overcharge, find out the realstic cost and pricing

SEO Service Pricing - Search Engine Optimization Prices

The world today can easily be described as a place where one lives just as much in cyberspace as out of it, if not more so. This is true whether an individual uses the Internet for purely recreational pursuits, the academic life, or for something more commercial, such as building an online business. If it's the latter, the rules are just as simple and cutthroat as they are in the physical realm: You either succeed by having a solid presence - a presence that includes a reputable brand and products or services people actually want / need to buy - which is distinguishable from your competition, or you don't, in which case you fade into obscurity and penury. Whereas physical, brick and mortar businesses have their own avenues for broadcasting their existence and commercial openness, online retailers and entrepreneurs must rely on things like SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. While it's certainly possible for an individual to optimize his or her own websites, the landscape of the Internet, to say nothing of Google's algorithmic whims, is a fickle thing. It's much smarter and far easier to simply hire a decent SEO firm to handle the heavy lifting for you. IMLead is one such service provider. To learn more about our pricing structure and what it means for you in real world terms, just keep reading!

What is our SEO Service Pricing?

When it comes to the needs and circumstances of our customers, we know that no two are alike. That's why we have two search engine / website optimization packages, each with their own individual price points. You can learn more about the two levels of search engine optimization prices offered below.

* SEO FOCUSED: This is IMLead's ultra-focused entry-level service package. Designed to give your website a complete search engine makeover (and to then keep it in tip top shape), this package's sole purpose is to attract the favorable attention of customers and the major search engines alike. The total cost is a recurring monthly charge of $695 USD.

* SEO + BRAND BUILDING: A step above the previous offering, this package comprises all of the features of the SEO-only package and adds in a suite of features designed to build a brand around you and your website / online business. This is the package you subscribe to if you want your web business to become a web giant. The total cost is a recurring monthly charge of $1295 USD.

What's Included in our Search Engine Optimization Prices?

While listing every single feature of our packages is beyond the scope of this article, each of our service packages offers a bevy of features designed to give our customers the absolute most for their dollar. A sample of package-specific features can be found below.


* On-site SEO, including content generation, web page / PBN building, and more

* Off-site SEO, including a robust link building campaign with guest blog posts, social media integration, press release generation, and more

* SERP (Search Engine Result Position) Optimization for better visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing


* On-site SEO which includes all the features of the SEO stand-alone package, plus on-site video and viral content generation

* Off-site SEO which includes all the features of the SEO stand-alone package, plus insertion in relevant infographic directories and cross-listing with both online and offline businesses

* Persistent brand and reputation management

Additionally, all customers receive an initial in depth assessment of both their site (covering such salient points as its strengths and weaknesses and how IMLead can help the owner to improve and enhance it) and the sites of their major competitors, the better to formulate plans and strategies to counteract them. Every customer also receives a personalized video from their personal campaign manager. These features are included in the package deposit every customer pays, and is given regardless of their SEO service pricing level.

For a more detailed look at the specific features inherent in our individual service packages.

Why are SEO Services Priced Monthly?

Search engine optimization is a delicate process, or at least it is when you're doing it ethically and effectively. Surprisingly, one of the questions we're asked the most doesn't revolve around technology or trends or the performance of the websites in our portfolio. Rather, it has to do with pricing, specifically why we offer a monthly installment plan. Simply put, we price our packages on a monthly basis for the benefit of our customers and their digital properties. A month to month arrangement mimics the slow, gradual process of increased optimization; initial SERP movement and related results, for example, typically take two or three months to manifest. It also allows our customers an exit strategy - if we don't perform as promised, you are free to walk away with no long-term commitment. Of course, the attraction of paying a smaller monthly rate rather than one large lump sum is something that scarcely needs to be elaborated upon.

We hope this helps answer your question, but if you need further clarification on our pricing structure, feel free to get in touch with us - we're happy to help you!

Our In-House SEO Team Consists of Copywriters & Link Acquisition Specialists

There's little benefit in paying for results that never come, and less than none in paying for professional quality with no hope of delivery. We believe in giving our customers the best value possible, which is why our staff is comprised of U.S. / American copywriters with a fine, firm grasp of U.S. English and how to wield it to the benefit of our customers. Our crack team of link acquisition specialists are of a similar caliber.

Get SEO Managed for Your Business

Whichever SEO service pricing level you choose to go with, you can rest assured in the knowledge that our management team is working tirelessly to achieve your goals and see to your unique needs. With our teams taking care of the search engine optimization grunt work, you are free to pursue other endeavors - digital and terrestrial relationship building, website creation, and of course, the accrual of further revenue!

Get a Dedicated Campaign Manager

One of the most popular facets of our SEO packages is the inclusion of a dedicated campaign manager for all of our clients. Succinctly, your campaign manager is your lifeline to IMLead and all of our resources. Our customers and clients get a real, live person they can come to at any time. Other firms may charge higher search engine optimization prices and "forget" to include someone to talk to, but anyone who has ever suffered through the increasingly prevalent trend of automated customer service knows what a boon it is to hear an honest-to-goodness human voice on the other end of the line!

Get Monthly Personalized Videos

Another stellar feature of both our packages is the inclusion of monthly video reports. Personalized to our clients and their websites, these reports give our customers a bird's eye view of what's going on, what still needs to be worked on, and any overall strategy which might currently be in play. These videos are delivered by your campaign manager.

Get Free Video Consulting and Additional SEO Consulting by the Hour!

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Perhaps you just have some last-minute questions, or better yet, an absolute gem of an idea for your business. Whatever the case may be, all of our customers have access to free, 24/7 video consultation. If you really need to bring in the heavy artillery, we offer 24/7 phone or Skype consultation at a rate of $150 USD per hour. Whichever avenue you choose, we're here for you, day or night!

How Our SEO Service Pricing Saves You Money

While our search engine optimization prices may seem high at first blush, many of our clients and customers are delighted to discover that we actually end up saving them money! Youll find that after you subscribe to a package, such as the ones at https://dylanbozeman.com/seo-services/ the costs are not that steep compared to the traffic generated. It's a simple equation: You can pay more for guaranteed quality and results that will actually propel you and your business forward, or you can dig into the bargain bin and see what you come up with. Now, this is no indictment of savvy shopping - everyone has a budget, and that's fine! But in the world of SEO, there are many people who have no problem scamming you or using illegitimate / "black hat" tactics and taking your money. Meanwhile, Google's ire is roused, and you're not just broke, but your business and your reputation are in tatters. It's a costly mistake to make! Conversely, we at IMLead know our customers are our most valuable asset, and we work hard to keep you safe and happy while squeezing every last drop of value and mileage out of your hard-earned dollar.

If we may say so, it's an easy choice to make.

Conclusion / Closing Thoughts

Search engine optimization can be a daunting process without anyone backing you up, but with IMLead in your corner, it becomes a walk in the park! We look forward to serving you soon!